Best Portable Toilets for Campervans and Camping

Best Portable Toilets for Campervans and Camping

Written by the JK Team
Published 25 March 2021
Just Kampers

Best Portable Toilets for Campervans and Camping

With the second wave of lockdown easing and announcements that self-contained camping will be given the go-ahead from 12th April, many campsites are taking bookings but only admitting caravans, campervans and tent campers who have their own washing and toilet facilities. 

If you are planning on taking a camping holiday or self-contained staycation this year, now is the time to spend a penny on a camping toilet for your camping setup, your van or campervan.

Don't Get Caught Short... 

There are always good reasons why a portable toilet is essential for any camping trip, here are a few.  

  1. New Covid restrictions require responsible safe-contained camping so the use of shared toilet facilities are off-limits. 
  2. If you've ever had to wake up in the middle of the night and needed to make that journey, you'll agree, a camping toilet is a must! 
  3. If you have children that are attending the school of potty training, a portable toilet is a must and can add to the fun whilst you're camping. 
The Fiamma Biopot 34 portable toilet

Fiamma's Bi-Pot portable toilet is a simple, strong self-contained fresh water flush portable toilet. It is a very simple system that is easy to clean and is sturdy and compact for easy transportation.

It can also be completely dismantled, including the valve, for thorough total cleaning. Ideal for families looking for a flushing portable toilet solution.

  • Dimensions: 43.5 cm x 36 cm x 34cm,
  • Upper Tank: 15 litres,
  • Lower Tank: 13 litres,
  • Weight: 4.7 kg.

The Fiamma Biopot 30 portable toilet

Another recommendation from the JK Team, the Fiamma Bipot 30 has the same great features as the Biopot 34, but at a lower price and with slightly less capacity.

Easy to thoroughly clean, to has a large waste cap, and no drainpipe, so emptying is easy and hygenic with no risk of clogging.

  • Dimensions: 43.5 cm x 34.5 cm x 30cm.
  • Colour: Grey,
  • Upper Tank: 10 litres,
  • Lower Tank: 11 litres,
  • Weight: 4.1 kg.

The Kampa Dometic Khazi portable toilet

Suitable for use outdoors and indoors environments. Ideal for camping, caravanning, boats, your campervan, outdoor events and emergencies. The Kampa Khazi has a sturdy base and has a removable waste container making it super easy to empty.

Its compact size makes it easy to store when not in use and it comes with a convenient toilet roll holder.

  • Height: 35 cm,
  • Width: 45 cm,
  • Depth: 36 cm,
  • Weight: 2.23 kg.

Considerations on Flushable and Toilet Bucket options: 

Pros & cons of basic bucket-style camp toilets

  • This type of loo takes up much less space, plus you can use them to store stuff inside whilst in transit.
  • These are considerably lighter than a flushing style loo.
  • Not ideal for no.2's as they aren't sealed. 
  • Bucket style loos are inexpensive alternatives to flushing loos. 
  • A bucket loo tends to be the preferred option for emergency use or nighttime, quick trips.

Pros & cons of flushing camp toilets

  • Due to the size of some of the flushing style loos, they can take up a bit of space in your car, camper or caravan.  
  • They can be more expensive than a bucket-style loo. 
  • Flushing camping toilets are more suited for families and regular use.
  • Flushing camp toilets tend to be much more stable, so there is less chance of knocking them over...Yuk. 
  • Flushing toilets have a sealed container so there will be fewer smells, especially if you also use chemical toilet fluid and cleaners. This will make the 'throne away from home' experience much nicer! 
  • Consider leakage. If a campsite your visiting doesn't have a chemical toilet waste disposal area, you'll have to transport your loo and its contents home (carefully!) We'd recommend doing some research on reviews that mention leaks. 
  • Cloggage - Many flushing toilets can be used with toilet roll, however too much, or the wrong type can lead to issues when it comes to emptying time. So, consider using a biodegradable, quick-dissolving toilet tissue for a swift exit.

Don’t forget the quick-dissolving loo paper & toilet chemicals. 

We strongly recommend any flushing camping toilet is used with an environmentally safe toilet fluid. This fluid when added to the waste tank will assist in breaking down and dissolving the contents and can help keep whiffy whiffs at bay. Just Kampers has a wide range of pleasant-smelling, safe to use toilet fluid and rinses. We'd recommend checking the type of fluid that can be disposed of at your campsite before buying first. 

When using any camping toilet, we recommend you take with you some dissolvable camping toilet roll. Don't grab what you have at home, thick quilted toilet rolls are perfectly fine for our homes, but out in the field, dissolvability is key! If you've ever emptied a toilet, then if you know... you know! 

Toilet Tents

Why is the toilet tent a must-have item?

With even more importance on self-contained camping and with shared toilet/shower facilities being off-limits currently. A toilet tent or privacy tent is an essential piece of kit. 

Offering portability, easy setup, versatility and privacy, these are perfect for camping, trips to the beach and picnics. You could even use it as a shower room or simply use it to change your clothes in when camping. 

Check out our top Toilet / Privacy Tents : 


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