Campervan Storage Ideas

Campervan Storage Ideas

Written by the JK Team
Published 19 August 2021
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Whether you go away for just a short weekend or a couple of weeks, campervan holidaymakers almost always need more storage. Even the lightest packers find themselves needing an extra shelf or storage box for different items. There are all kinds of smart ways to find more storage on a campervan, not only when it’s in use but also when it’s parked up and not needed. Read on for some helpful, simple storage ideas.

Campervan storage ideas when a camper is in use.

When embarking on an adventure in your campervan, it can be easy to quickly fill all the existing storage with the various items you need. From clothes and toiletries to food and camping equipment, everything needs its place and it’s important to stay organised. This is because there is limited space and storage on a campervan, so if things start piling up it can quickly become chaotic. Avoid unnecessary mess (and stress), with these campervan storage ideas.

Consider installing a few extra shelves if you need a little more storage space, or you could go for something more generous like in this impressive camper conversion from @vansteading

A simpler option is to buy some hanging storage units. These can be fitted to any free wall space, or even attached to the back of the seats. Alternatively, there are Storage solutions like this back seat storage organiser which is very useful for items you want to keep within easy reach.

Campervan storage ideas for lesser-needed items

For items that don’t need to be used on a regular basis, there are plenty of other storage options in less accessible areas. Overhead nets are very useful and take up little space, or, underneath seats and benches, there is often a lot of room that can be utilised.

Those with the skills and know-how (or the budget to have something built bespoke), could consider building generous additional storage within their furniture. While DIY storage can be quite a considerable project, the result is often very effective. Storage such as shown below will only be accessible when the camper is stationary and open, so items kept here wouldn’t be accessible all the time.

Campervan storage ideas for food and kitchen equipment

Instead of taking up much-needed cupboard space, any food that you’ll be taking (that doesn’t need to be refrigerated) could be stored in some DIY shelving or detachable baskets. This would mean your food is up and out of the way, but still within easy reach.


Similarly, kitchen equipment that gets used regularly can be cleverly stored on hooks and in holders on any spare wall space. These options are simple to build and relatively inexpensive.

Campervan storage ideas for personal items

Items that you pack for each individual trip, which you may not want to keep on a campervan permanently, can be stored in a few simple but effective ways. Shoes, for instance, can be placed into a makeshift elastic shoe rack, created at the bottom of furniture.

Campervan storage ideas for extra camping equipment

Depending on the layout of your campervan, it might be possible to install some basic shelving at the rear, behind the main interior. Items stored here wouldn’t be accessible when in transit and would not be in the most convenient location when relaxing in the camper. Something like this could be ideal for storing extra camping equipment, for use when you’ve arrived at your destination.

Alternatively, you could invest in a roof box to be kept on the roof of the camper.

Campervan storage ideas when a camper is not in use

When you run out of space in your home attic or garage, your campervan can be a tempting storage facility if you don’t use it all the time. In this situation, it’s helpful to follow a few tips;

  • Only store bulky items or things kept in storage boxes, so they can easily be removed when you do decide to take a trip.
  • Storage boxes should be clearly labelled, so you don’t mistakenly take or leave the wrong box when going out and about in the campervan.

Making excellent use of the space available is part of the art of campervanning. Where space is limited, it’s important to be smart and think outside the box to find ways to keep your belongings safely stowed away. Take a look at our range of storage products to find the additional storage options you need.

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