Getting our VW SP2 Ready for VolksWorld

Getting our VW SP2 Ready for VolksWorld

JK's Head of Marketing
Published 13 November 2020
Josh Reynolds

Here at JK HQ we were super excited when our SP2 finally arrived from Brazil. We’ve wanted one for years, and the wait for it to arrive after Mark tracked one down was torturous!

Now it’s here we absolutely love it, it’s an amazing car that you can read more about here. The only thing that’s wrong with it is the window glass, which is the only thing that lets the car down. With it being such a rare car here in Europe, we had to get on to our suppliers in Brazil to get hold of replacement glass, seals and trim. It took another six months for these to arrive, but we got them last week!

Now we’ve got everything we need to get the SP2 ready for the VolksWorld Show in a few weeks. At least in theory…
Turns out that after such a long wait and a fairly large bill for the parts and the shipping, everyone at JK HQ is a little scared of getting stuck in to get the new glass fitted!

This is where Phil, a fellow VW fan and professional window fitter came to our rescue! Phil runs Sterling Windscreens and has decades of experience and practice under his belt, so he and his son made it look super easy to get the glass fitted! 

You can see the SP2 at the VolksWorld Show soon! 

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