JK Show Report: 75th Anniversary Goodwood Breakfast Club

JK Show Report: 75th Anniversary Goodwood Breakfast Club

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Published 6 June 2023

This month Mark, Amber, Jake, Nick, and Josh from the JK Team (as well as Josh's son) headed down to Goodwood for a morning meet at their 75th Anniversary Breakfast Club.

Amber, who works in the Purchasing team at Just Kampers, wrote the below for us about the event: 

A few of us from JK headed to the Goodwood Breakfast Club meet to celebrate their 75th anniversary and check out a wide-ranging mix of the best, coolest and weirdest cars of the last three-quarters of a century at Goodwood.

Goodwood hosts three breakfast clubs a year with different themes, and the 75th anniversary had a bit of everything with a lot of unique vehicles.

I went with my partner Jake, who also works at Just Kampers. Our favourite car we saw was the Jaguar XJR 15 - the result of a joint collaboration that took place in the late 1980s and early 1990s between British automotive icon, Jaguar, and engineering firm known as Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR). To this day there are 27 of these on the road so its likely we will never come across this rarity again!

If you have never heard the noises these cars make then be sure to look it up on YouTube as its very distinctive and will catch anyone’s attention! 

Another car that caught our eyes was the Audi Quattro sport SWB which was at the entrance to Goodwood, can’t beat a real rally car especially a quattro! There was also lots of untouched Audi Quattro’s which also look really cool. 

This was our first breakfast meet we have been to at Goodwood and certainly won’t be our last, there was so much variety from classic to modern from cruisers to sporty cars and we even got to see the original silver spitfire in action taking off, what a sound that was!

This silver spitfire flew around the world in 2019 and we were amazed to see it at Goodwood along with all the amazing cars!

Overall there was a huge range of different makes, models, and styles of vehicle on display, which made it a really varied and interesting event to wander around. 

It's always great to get to visit Goodwood, as it's such an iconic part of the car and motorsport scene in the UK, so we'd definitely recommend going to one of their Breakfast Club meets in the future. 

Nick from the JK Team also went to the Breakfast Club, and is even more familiar with Goodwood than the rest of us, as he's attended dozens of events there as a photographer. 

Here are some of the photos that Nick took while he was there: 

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