Make Do & Mend, with Just Kampers

Make Do & Mend, with Just Kampers

JK's Head of Marketing
Published 13 October 2022
Josh Reynolds

We know times are tough at the moment, and it’s not exactly been smooth sailing for the last few years, either. That’s why we’re launching a new project: Make Do & Mend, with Just Kampers.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be pulling together tips, tricks, advice, and guidance on how to get the most out of your VW, whether you’ve got a classic car with a few little issues that need sorting, or a modern vehicle you want to keep running as smoothly as possible.

Our goal with the Make Do & Mend project is to help you keep your Volkswagen on the road and ready for adventure, using simple DIY fixes and cost-effective tricks to keep your vehicle in great shape.

How-to videos:

As well as having dozens of older How To videos available on our website, as well as on YouTube, we’re now making more new ones than ever.

Each one guides you through how to do a single task, or a few related tasks, in an easy-to-understand way which won’t leave you scratching your head. Presented by JK’s resident mechanic, Mark B., our list of new How To videos is growing all the time.

Click here to take a look at our current range of How To videos, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see new ones as they’re posted.

How-to blogs:

The blogs area on the Just Kampers site is updated about three times a week, often with really useful How To guides in amongst the show reports and new product launches.

Some of our recent posts include How to Fit JK's VW T25 Stainless Steel Full Exhaust Kit, based on a video by the guys at Rat 'n' Retro.

We’ve also recently published JK's Guide to Preparing for Autumn and Winter Weather, and How to run a pre-MOT check on your VW, both of which are a massive help to anyone looking to keep their beloved VW going strong through the winter.

These blogs are available for anyone to read and use, and are often based on the work we’ve been doing on our own VWs.

JK Fitting Guides:

Another free resource from JK, we’ve got a library of fitting guides and tech sheets, which cover a massive range of different projects, from replacing brake components to fitting an awning to your camper.

Click here to view the full range of JK fitting guides, which we’re adding to all the time.

One of our many projects at the moment is reviewing our tech sheet library and updating them with additional information, tips and advice to make it as easy as possible for you to take on simple projects, fixes or upgrades  yourself.

How to save money while shopping with JK:

One of our recent blog posts is full of information about ways that you can save money while buying parts and accessories for your Volkswagen.

Looking to invest in a new awning? Need to top up your anti-freeze? Planning on upgrading your brakes? Whether your order is big or small, there’s loads of ways you can make shopping with Just Kampers even more affordable.

Click here to read our new blog, How to Save Money When Shopping with Just Kampers

Get Massive Savings from JK this Winter

It’s all very well and good knowing how to tackle different jobs on your VW, but what about getting the parts you need even more affordably?

Well, you’re in luck! We’re offering two exclusive deals over the winter, which will save you a huge amount of money and hassle as you tackle a winter restoration or campervan conversion.

These two deals each offer up to 10% off key classic car restoration parts, as well as the kit you’ll need to convert your own campervan during the winter.

Click here to find out how to save up to 10% on your winter project with JK.

What we’re up to:

Many of the JK Team are sketching out their plans for their vehicles over the winter, whether they’re looking to freshen up some metalwork, transform a fairly basic Transporter into a custom camper, or even thinking of returning a racing Beetle back to stock.

We’ll be documenting their progress as they go, and showing you how to tackle these jobs and more yourself, at home. Whether you’ve got a kitted out workshop, or you’ve just got a driveway, a 13mm spanner and a can-do attitude, we want to give you the information and confidence to keep on rolling.

We’d love your input:

If you’ve got some helpful tips and tricks you’d love to share, or if you’ve got a topic you want us to cover in an up-coming blog post or How-To Video, then let us know!

We’re here to support you, and we’re always keen to hear your feedback. Send us an email at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

This isn’t a substitute for contacting us directly with customer service questions, but if you’d love for us to cover, say, how to pick the correct anti-freeze for your vehicle, that’s absolutely something we can do.

Workshop Wednesdays:

One last thing to add before we go – look out for us on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in the coming weeks as we launch Workshop Wednesdays, an opportunity for you to ask our resident mechanic, Mark B., any burning questions you’ve got about all things mechanical and / or Volkswagen.

If you’re stuck on a project, or need a little guidance on some maintenance work, Mark will be on hand at midday on Wednesday each week to help out.

Mark also loves off-road motorbikes, rock music, and dairy-free biscuits, all of which are also acceptable topics of conversation!

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