Preparing for "LeJog" (Lands End to John O’Groats)

Preparing for "LeJog" (Lands End to John O’Groats)

Founded Just Kampers back in 1989
Published 13 November 2020
Mark Reynolds

Here is what I always pack for a longer trip, in fact most of it stays in the car all year around. I’ve also listed out the bits I always check over before a long run. It might sound a bit OTT, but I hate drama and if a car breaks down it’s normally raining and blocking the road!



Spanners 8,10,13(x2),15,17 and 19mm

Variety of screwdrivers, make sure one fits the points.

Long nose pliers, mole grips, metric feeler gauges and a small paint brush

Tool Roll
Mark's Tools


European Breakdown Kit, J31239, that includes

1 x Warning triangle.
2 x high visibility jackets.
1 x Universal bulb kit
1 x Set of beam converters.
1 x GB sticker
1 x First aid kit.
1 x Foil blanket.
1 x Twin pack of NF approved breathalyzers 
All in a neat zipped carry bag

European Breakdown Kit



Fuel filter
2m fuel hose
Rocker cover gaskets x2
Distributor cap
Rotor arm
Fuel pump
2x rear hub split pins
Accelerator cable
Clutch cable
V Belt
5L of Morris 30 oil
Explosion proof fuel can

Mark's Parts


JK Breakdown Cover

I work on the theory that, if I’m unlucky enough to break down and I can’t fix it at the side of the road; if I have the obvious spares, at least there’s a fighting chance the recovery driver or local garage can have me back on the road in a few hours.

I store all the parts in plastic boxes with clip on lids, so it’s quick and easy to find, and use if needed.

Box of Parts
Mark's Parts


Check over before leaving and service:

As the engine was rebuilt by The Engine Company as a turn key only a few weeks ago, I have been carefully running it in. Having reached 500 miles, without any problems I felt it was time for a check over and oil change before we set off.

Oil Change


Here is what I checked over:

Steering, suspension and brakes:

Adjusted up the brakes front and rear

Check wheel bearings for play front and rear

Checked all shocks, brake hoses, back plates etc for any signs of leaks

Checked all steering joints for any wear and boots for any splits.

Brake Hoses
Rear Shock


Obvious bits:

Washer bottle full and working.

Wiper blades not split, mine had perished over winter and I discovered they are odd 1966-67 Beetle and we are adding the correct ones to the range, now I’ve tested them on my car.

Lights all around.


Tyre condition and pressure.

Checked gearbox oil level. The plug is on the side of the gearbox and to remove it you need a 17mm hex-tool which mounts on a socket driver J11205

I found the oil was low. As I couldn’t remember when it was last changed, I did a gearbox oil change.

Gear Oil
Gearbox Oil Change



As it had done it’s first 500 miles, I changed the oil, including strainer and gaskets. Checked the points gap. Removed one spark plug to make sure the colour of the plug was light brown (Black shows running to rich, white to lean). Adjusted the tappets, checked the V-belt was correct tension and that nothing was loose. 

I then went for a 20 mile test run, rechecked the oil and we are ready to set off at some unearthly hour to Lands End!

4 years ago