Oil filter for 1600cc, 1900cc and 2100cc Petrol VW T25, 1979–1990

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Regular oil changes will prolong your engine life, so fit the best.Bosch was founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1886, so they are hardly newcomers to the automotive industry. Bosch has been synonymous with Volkswagen electrical parts since the late 1940s. At Just Kampers we are pleased to stock a range of Bosch products, as we always know they will be of first class quality and represent good value for money. They now cover parts from the 6v Beetles, through to the new T5 Transporters, including still offering a good range for the Splitscreens, Bay windows, T25s and T4s.
Regular oil changes will prolong your engine life, so fit the best. This Bosch quality filter fits all T25s with 1600cc aircooled engines and 1900cc–2100cc watercooled units. Bosch is a byword for quality and reliability in the automotive aftermarket. With over 2 million parts a year supplied to garages and workshops throughout the UK, they offer replacement components to ex-works quality level for almost every vehicle type. Bosch parts offer the same, first class quality as those originally fitted to your vehicle by VW. Wherever possible, we supply Bosch.